The Brain

Sometimes i don't known where are some certain rhythms, certain smells, and a certain hand restlessness from. On those moments it is good to make a journey across my own history to discover in some casual facts or moments, apparently insignificant or unimportant, the origin of this; that has become today on some of the axes of my life.

I was born May 17 1970 in Bahia Blanca, a city to the south of the country of Buenos Aires, Republic Argentina.

My father always been in the wood business, and most of my childhood passed it playing in my father´s wood store, climbing the piles of charts, and hiding my self between and under the planks; so, the scent of wood it seems a litlle to the scent of my childhood.

When i was twelve, i decided to form a rock band with some school partners. As I didn´t have an instrument, or money tu buy one, i proposed to build it my self.

So, it can be sayed that i learned to build instruments at the same time that I learned how to play them. Initiate to the luthiery in 1982, i´ve past more than a half of my life building guitar´s, researching and developing new techniques of construction, new materials, and designing cord instruments.

Thanks that, I´ve accumulate huge experience that makes me, now a days, to be consulted by professionals and fond of the luthiery of the country and abroad, and professional lumberman for the classification and evaluation precious woods. Around middle 1996, and after several years of work as professional luthieri decided to be devoted to build only prototypes, only and irrepetible pieces. Putting together audacity and old values, mathematical stiffening, poetry, techinque and art. A strong commitent, and a big idea, but light as a feather ("PLUMA")